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Lleyton Sweeney

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Junior Consultant

Lleyton initially joined Delta in November 2019 and is a Junior Consultant, with responsibility for both servicing clients and market research

He is passionate about servicing a broad client base (including Bulge Bracket platforms, Wealth Management Institutions, Global Investment Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Equity/Venture Capital funds) across various product silos, with a current focus on UK RnD & UK Res Dom, Israel and MEA Wealth Management

In addition to this Lleyton is jointly responsible for producing all headcount and mapping solutions carried out by the Firm, lending our clients across products an invaluable insight into market moves and competition

Lleyton studied Religion and Theology at Cardiff University concentrated on various topic areas including: Abrahamic interfaith relations in Islamic Spain (al-Andalus) [c.711 - 1492] and The Near East in Late Antiquity

Lleyton enjoys various sports (running, Alpine-skiing, rugby). Additionally, he has a keen interest in European & Near Eastern history and philosophy. He speaks conversational Spanish

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