Director/Vice President, Africa Debt Syndicate Specialist, International Investment Bank, London

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- Our client is looking to add a Director/Vice President Syndicate Specialist as part of the build for their new London office
- The successful candidate will act as a link between markets and investment banking, acting as the Private to Public side bridge
- The Syndicate role is of strategic importance and a critical role in the organisation with stakeholders that include markets, Banking, WIM as well as the firm’s clients


  • 5+ years’ experience in the Financial Services industry within a bond or loans syndicate team
  • Financial management skills, strategic and lateral thinking, Management and Leadership skills, Product and process management skills, understanding of customer needs
  • Bachelor Degree in Commerce, Banking or Investments


  • Targeted origination by ensuring origination focuses on executable transactions; develop and implement targeted action plans for generating additional income streams from identified Key Accounts
  • Syndicate evaluates market receptivity, timing and pricing of primary capital markets deals based on a proactive dialogue with institutional investors and banks
  • Provide a view on any issues pertaining to execution and distribution (including general market intelligence, structuring, pricing underwriting, appropriate placement methodology market liquidity analysis etc.)
  • Develop and maintain links with other Group companies and product, and identify related customer needs and sales opportunities to maximise cross selling opportunities
  • Ensure strong relationships with sales teams to ensure markets colour, discuss with investors and track institutions that are interested in these offerings
  • Originate and cultivate syndicated loan business and also be responsible for managing the sales process
  • Manage and produce client strategy, bid on new deals with existing clients and access to mid/lower level client decision makers
  • Works closely Loan Structuring Department to structure and price loans to match market appetite, and is responsible for developing investor appetite for lending to borrowers
  • Gathering of data for team use, including building and maintaining investor appetite database, data for reporting to senior management and Board
  • Being responsible for preparation and presentation of financing arrangements to potential financiers • Structuring and negotiating terms acceptable to market partners
  • Provide market intelligence and updates on the state of the debt market, Liquidity analysis of the market supporting the deal proposal
  • Alignment of processes in terms of internal committees for both risk and agency transactions
  • Ensure that deal related information is communicated internally and externally with correct disclaimers and prevent any inadvertent risk of tainting public siders
  • Maximise distribution channels across geographies (e.g. sale of ZAR assets offshore and vice versa in terms of SA and regional Africa funds looking for hard currency exposure)
  • Minimise contamination risk across the syndicate team on sensitive transactions (e.g. M&A stakebuild)
  • Provide input to product development and design of marketing and sales materials founded on an understanding of customer needs
  • Ensure that all sales and performance measures (e.g. sales pipeline tool, databases etc) are adhered to
  • Implement performance controls to proactively measure achievement against strategic targets and address changes or non-performance
  • Provide ongoing advice and direction to the operational environments managed by this role in terms of the areas of focus, opportunities, key targets and relative policies, legislative and regulatory environments
  • Participate in all internal client reviews from a service perspective provided by areas under responsibility through a process of formalised service review (including questionnaires, production reporting, loss event reporting, etc)
  • Work with the Finance team in the area of responsibility on improving the models for transfer pricing or cost allocation between Trading and relevant business units
  • Implement governance structures and stakeholder frameworks to ensure effective customer management and engagement


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