Senior Relationship Manager, France Coverage, Wealth Management, Bulge Bracket Bank, Zurich

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- Bulge bracket bank is looking to add a Senior Relationship Manager with a sizeable network of contacts at the UBO and C-Suite level among the French corporate and family office community gained through servicing the client in an investment banking/corporate banking or financing capacity
- The successful candidate would be required to transform their relationship and start servicing the client in a wealth management capacity as well as continuing to provide guidance on their corporate/business affairs as part of a wholistic offering


  • Candidates with at least 8+ years of experience in financial services, who have obtained significant client penetration through a role in leveraged finance, corporate banking or domestic sales-trading
  • Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of clients’ businesses and sources of wealth generation
  • Extensive experience in working with and/or leading client teams and transactions
  • Demonstrated track record in relationship acquisition and selling new products
  • Proven success in building a new business, prospecting for new clients and business, identifying new business opportunities and closing transactions
  • Applies an in-depth level of knowledge in several key investment and financing products
  • Keeps abreast of financial industry developments and current global market conditions
  • Fluency in English and French is required


  • Builds relationships with client families that cross generations to establish long-term connections to the firm
  • Effectively manages client expectations regarding what can and cannot be executed on their behalf
  • Serves as a trusted advisor to clients who frequently seek strategic advice regarding financial matters
  • Maintains a comprehensive understanding of client goals and risk tolerance to ensure that financial strategies are appropriate
  • Uncovers needs that are not articulated or clearly expressed by the client
  • Brings together the appropriate product experts to develop long-term solutions that strengthen client relationships with the firm
  • Helps clients achieve broad financial and investment goals related to the creation, management, and transfer of wealth
  • Develops tailored solutions that address clients' unique investment, risk management, and financing/liquidity need
  • Sets challenging goals, regularly monitoring progress and making adjustments to achieve objectives
  • Plans and prioritize daily, weekly, and monthly activities to maximize revenue growth and client satisfaction
  • Transfers or eliminate non-productive accounts in order to focus on clients who fit within the business strategy
  • Establishes a referral network and gain introductions to potential clients which generate new sales
  • Closes the deal, making concessions that are appropriate and in line with the fundamental interests of the Private Bank


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