Delta in Greece October 2019

Change of Government

Investor confidence has increased following New Democracy’s victory and the election of Kyriakos MITSOTAKIS as the Prime Minister of Greece as of 8th July 2019

The following reforms and key projects have been announced In order to improve the investment climate in the country with the aim of meeting budget targets for next year:

  • Cuts in corporate and dividend tax rate
  • Reduction in social security contributions
  • Suspension of VAT on new construction for 3 years along with capital gains tax on property sales
  • Privatization projects including the Hellinikon redevelopment of the coastal site of the former Athens international airport as a business and leisure centre

Brain Drain

Since 2010, between 350,000 and 400,000 Greeks have emigrated, two-thirds of whom are university graduates, many with postgraduate qualifications A new survey by the National Documentation Centre that collects and preserves scientific and cultural content in digital form showed that 60 percent of Greeks living and working abroad however wish to return home

Looking to Hire

DELTA met with leading financial institutions, asset managers, corporates, REITs, challenger banks, external asset managers (EAM), private equity & alternative investment vehicles who on the back of an anticipated “investor friendly” political landscape, have a strong desire to reverse brain drain and attract internationally trained financial services talent in order to further strengthen their current platforms

Best regards,

Delta Executive Search Team

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